Why Chiang Mai?

Bangkok was definitely too expensive of a choice, and doesn’t exactly scream peace and serenity. I’ve started looking into Chiang Mai, aka Rose of the North. Some reasons that appeal to me: 1. Beautiful Landscapes – you can trek and see the rich culture of the hill ethnic tribes and even ride a zip line […]

Why Bangkok

I’ve finally decided to be a digital nomad. So what’s next? It’s time to choose a base. I’ve always loved the warmer regions of Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. It’s pretty hard to choose between all the lovely locations that exist there, so let’s break it down, starting with Bangkok. Shopping Things are cheap as hell […]

Digital Nomad

Amazing Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads refer to those travel and work through the use of technology at the same time. It is a lifestyle that’s quickly gaining popularity. They’re usually millennials with brains for hire. It can be a perfect lifestyle for you too, check out the fantastic benefits that comes with being a digital nomad. I last […]

Travel Camper Van

Why You Should Travel Alone At Some Point In Your Life

The more I ruminate this traveling”issue”, the more geared I’m getting towards it. Especially traveling alone. It enables you to study yourself better. Traveling solo lets you see the world from a different angle. With the social media today showing all kinds of life adventures, it’s still essential for one to experience the outdoors personally. […]

Travel Photography

Why You Need to Travel Around the World

I’ve always loved travelling; seeking adventures, seeing the world. My current corporate job doesn’t allow me to do it as much as I would like with fixed to sometimes extremely long hours sitting over the desk, and hardly any weekends. Even when we travel for work, we’re just sitting inside looking out pretty much all […]